$40000000 fine : Year 2015

August 12, 2006 at 5:37 pm 1 comment

I went out for grocery and forgot to switch off lights in kitchen at Apartment.When I came back,I just started surfing net and did some stumbling.Surprisingly, First two sites I went through were related to energy wastes and world without conventional energy sources.It made me thinking about future when we will live with energy crisis.

If I’ll forget to switch off lights in 2015,check it out the response I’ll get.


Warning letter from Indian Energy Ltd.(IE)



Date 2006/08/16_____________

To:___Nisarg Joshi __________
(name of landlord)

RE: Notice of ENERGY WASTE(s) at:

3456 E, HW Ring road, Vadodara – 6

Dear Mr. Joshi

This letter will serve as formal written notice to you regarding energy waste observed at the above given address.

Pursuant to Title 20(E), Chapter 456, Section 2010 of Mumbai act, a landlord is required to perform certain “Essential Energy Savings Techniques” associated with different energy sources used in building.

Our records says that you have not performed suggested guidelines for energy savings. We requested that these problems be resolved as quickly as possible. As reasonable and timely effort to fix these problems is not made, we will be pursuing one or more of the legal options listed below.

1) $40000000

2) 1 week Jail

3) Cut down of usage allocated to you by 10% for all future bills.

In addition to these legal steps, we will disconnect your power sources for 1 week(As you will be in jail) and you will have to work for alternative energy research foundation for 2 months without any pay.

Let this serve as your notice of our intent to pursue such action(s).


Mr. Baj

Executive assistant to Chairman, IEL.


This imaginary work is posted to make myself aware that I must perform all possible ways to save energy.

In 2006 – Things are good ,I predicted 2015 but this may happen anytime depending upon how world sees it(World means every human being on this planet and not the bunch of people running movements related to energy saving).

Give some thoughts and share your views.

Lets reshape this world together for our and next generations’ future.

(Name used in letter are imaginary and not related to any live person ,company or organization)


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  • 1. jinan  |  August 12, 2006 at 6:40 pm

    Dear nisarg,

    You are right about energy source. Em sure, Your work will help to save it:D……enjoy the life with perfect use of energy sources. If all think like you, this will definitely make a considerable saving.


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