Panoramic View.

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Panoramic View.

Panoramic View.,
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January 28, 2008 at 3:33 pm 1 comment

Technology Group Seeks to Save Power

Climate Savers Computing Initiative:

Intel is expected to cut prices on some of its higher-end processors in July to make room for new power-saving chip technology expected in the second half of the year.

 More @ NY Times

What’s your company’s initiative to save climate? 

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Bulb : Served and on the verge of phase out

BBC reports:

The days of the humble light bulb are numbered, with plans to phase it out by 2011 in favour of energy-saving bulbs. Before consigning it to the dustbin, it’s worth reflecting on how this cheap and disposable piece of technology has changed the world.

Read here.

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Apply “YOU” formula to Docs

YouTube success is phenomenal.Their design is neat and simple to attract any age group.Similar service called “Scribed” is out there for documents.

Check it out!Its fun for those who love reading online.

Question is, will it be next YOU formula that Google will apply to their Docs and Spreadsheet?

Notable features on first look:

  • Multiple format support
  • You can listen or download audio for the book/text
  • Online PDF document viewer
  • YouTube kind of sharing,tagging,related docs

From their FAQ section:

  • Display documents in a web browser using our custom Flash PDF player
  • Perform high quality conversions between many different formats, including Word, PDF, plain text, HTML, JPEG, PowerPoint, Excel, Postscript, LIT, and even audio format
  • See all sorts of detailed information on who is viewing each of your documents, including the geographic locations of visitors and how people got to your doc (i.e., Google queries)
  • Publish a document online with its own public URL that will be indexed by Google and other search engines and be read by a lot of people
  • Embed a long or complex document in your blog or personal webpage
  • Convert a document to an mp3 that you can listen to on your iPod
  • Bulk upload files (that’s right, storage is unlimited!)
  • Receive “likes” and comments on your documents
  • Choose among a variety of copyright licenses for each of your documents
  • Receive money every time someone orders a printed copy of your docs
  • Discover documents related to your own using our similarity algorithm
  • Analyze the text of your docs (how does your sentence length compare to the Scribd average?)
  • Browse popular documents using view counts, likes, tags, our similarity algorithm, and other ways that let you find content that is interesting to you

Lets see, how much you scribe. 🙂

Hope soon I can directly take  host document and embed in wordpress blog 🙂

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Comfort Zone ? Ok, We can break it..

In response to last excerpt, some friends replied in comments and I really appreciate their efforts to put thoughts on this topic.Your swift response encouraged me to think and write about breaking my comfort barriers.I hope this will help all of us (including me!)

Come out of Comfort Zone? huhh…that means we want to do something which is not comfortable to ourself? 🙂 more pain in life 😀

Well, There are many tasks like get up early in a day, doing regular exercise , giving 100% at work,develop new hobby, helping others or to start new business. We are not comfortable in doing things which we haven’t yet experienced in life.Our brain doesn’t want to go out of its comfort zone..smooth working area.

In my understandings, We live in comfort areas for different reasons,

  • Ignorance of better options

If this is the case then you are in happy comfort zone and its obvious that you don’t want to come out of anything because you don’t know what you are missing by ignorance( Something like: living like Neo in Matrix, hope you understand what I am saying 🙂 ).There is nothing wrong in happy and satisfied life but it is sad if you have some hidden potential but your ignorance wall comes between present world and your better future( and World’s better future).

Solution or rather extra option for this zone residents is very simple: Listen to world around you very carefully!!!!

Listen to your well wishers, your parents, your friends.Nominate someone as your GURU( Krishna to Arjun in Gita :”Acquire the transcendental knowledge from a Self-realized master by humble reverence, by sincere inquiry, and by service. The wise ones who have realized the Truth will impart the Knowledge to you. (Bhagavad Gītā, c4 s34)”), who can guide you constantly and make you realize about your hidden potential and better options in life.(Caution: I am not talking about any Guruji or maharaj , thats different story and I do not want to comment on that.It depends on individual’s choice. Someone who can really guide you in right direction. Your father/mother/friend can be your GURU or may be someone real guru 🙂 . )

Krishna with Arjun in battlefield” is a best example I have to represent how can you break ignorance barriers with the help of proper guidance.

My personal belief is, if you are satisfied with what you have for longer time then there is something wrong..go and talk to your well wishers.

You must be aware of standstill water conditions.

  • Not having guts to experiment new options or not having guts to go against the wind

Now, This is killer of our mind.We fight with ourself everyday and every moment.This happens when our thinking is different then our main stream thoguhts.

We are afraid of taking risks..

we are afraid of unknown difficulties…

We are afraid of what people think and comment…

We are afraid of failure….

We are afraid of outcomes….

In nutshell, We have better options for life attached with different fear factors.

Tough….but not impossible to overcome fear.

Jinan in his comment explained very well with his life experience

“I remind my childhood time, when I was having fear about jump in to water from height, but once I jumped with dare having full of fear in my mind. Then I found that wasn’t that tough. I tried to jump 2nd time…and this time I was having less fear. You know…after some practice I found that, this is fun there is nothing in it to worry about. In the same way…May be start of changing curve will feel some fears in heart. But the fact is the person who dares will know the fun of changing curves.”

Deepan’s comment for this zone is:
“You just need a big heart full of courage to walk through this world. Even if you dont have any other facilities, talents, but if you got guts, you will be through.”

I would say, Jump in the air!

  • Procrastination

When our brain is hesitant to do something new, we need to train it by small exercises.Try with some small change in daily routine.

For example: You are sales representative for one Auto parts company and you realized that “Learning French is essential for you to deal with your Canadian customers”

Now, you know what you need to do but your procrastinative attitude doesn’t allow you to do so and you are not able to improve your sales target(You are happy in moderate sales comfort zone)

– Try with small steps: 5 minutes per day French or 5 new French words, isn’t that simple to start?

– Do small steps for longer period( till you think that this is too easy to do every day, lets put some more time)

– Log your daily routine(Hours in work, hours in daily tasks, hours in new life experiments and last but most important WASTED HOURS-which you could have used in life experiments) and analyze it every night for better tomorrow.

  • Self limitations

Personally, I do not see anything as self limitation. we can overcome any limitation under the sun and become expert in it.Only thing is, it takes time to overcome your limitation.

Start working on your tangible limitations and make them your strengths.

Have patience while you are working on your limitations!

I am sure that this Saturday morning writing will at least help me to come out my comfort zones,hope it helps you as well.

Have fun friends, Enjoy !


March 3, 2007 at 4:09 pm 2 comments

Change the curve

Nice excerpt:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in life is to accept the known and resist the unknown. You should, in fact, do exactly the opposite: challenge the known and embrace the unknown.

Let me tell you a short story about ice. In the late 1800s there was a thriving ice industry in the Northeast. Companies would cut blocks of ice from frozen lakes and ponds and sell them around the world. The largest single shipment was 200 tons that was shipped to India. 100 tons got there unmelted, but this was enough to make a profit.

These ice harvesters, however, were put out of business by companies that invented mechanical ice makers. It was no longer necessary to cut and ship ice because companies could make it in any city during any season.

These ice makers, however, were put out of business by refrigerator companies. If it was convenient to make ice at a manufacturing plant, imagine how much better it was to make ice and create cold storage in everyone’s home.

You would think that the ice harvesters would see the advantages of ice making and adopt this technology. However, all they could think about was the known: better saws, better storage, better transportation.

Then you would think that the ice makers would see the advantages of refrigerators and adopt this technology. The truth is that the ice harvesters couldn’t embrace the unknown and jump their curve to the next curve.

Challenge the known and embrace the unknown, or you’ll be like the ice harvester and ice makers.

-Guy Kawasaki( his one of the famous speech)

If you really want to change the world, come out of current curve and jump into new curve or create new curve.
We often solve problems in same manner with single line of thought which we learnt from others but sometimes out-of-the-box-solution gives better result or fast resolution for problem and may open new doors of winning path, change the curve and think differently.

March 2, 2007 at 11:27 am 5 comments

Digital Text


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